About Us

Established in 1986 by Ernie Broadhurst to serve industry in the Midlands area and now with over 30 years experience, we are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 approved specialists in the design and supply of lifting equipment and tooling.

We are involved in the supply of lifting equipment, specialising in the design and manufacture of apparatus to solve specific problems. We supply loose lifting equipment, such as shackles and eyebolts, up to the design, supply and installation of overhead lifting facilities with cranes and runways for whole factories. We also provide sub-assembly fixtures, build fixtures, and special tooling to enable our local customers to improve their production output.

Structural design is carried out using tried and tested theoretical methods, with reference to British and European Standards as appropriate. 3D models and 2D drawings are created using the SolidWorks design package.

All lifting equipment is tested, certified and CE marked before we sell it. We ensure that all of our equipment is practical and reliable.